About Research Institute

R&D Center
Concrete Technology Research Institute(R&D Center)

Founded in 1995, the Concrete Technology Research Institute was the first R&D center in the concrete industry. It has been discovering and developing various materials and researching on how to use them, with an aim to improve product capacity, as well as develop new products and environmentally friendly concrete. The institute’s fantastic achievements include 163 published papers, 39 patents (including two that are currently being examined by the patent office), and 100 case studies (government-invested research, joint studies, and independent studies).

Over the last five years, it has been playing a leading role in the development of eco-friendly technologies, such as securing the technology to commercialize low-carbon emission RMC, by participating in the research project to commercialize the technology for ‘the high-volume mineral admixture (HVMA) RMC with high-strength’ by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement.

Major Awards
  • 1996Silver Tower Award at the 23rd National Quality Management Convention
  • 2002Grand Prize in RMC sector at Korea Standard Grand Prize
  • 2005KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award
  • 2006KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award (consecutively winning two times)
    KS Certification Grand Prize in product quality innovation on Standard Day
  • 2007KS-QEI Quality Excellence Award in concrete industry
    (consecutively winning three times)
    Chairman’s Commendation for Technology of National Merit
  • 2008KS Certification Grand Prize from the Minister of Knowledge
    and Economy for its environment-friendly products
  • 2009Award in Innovation at Concrete Technology Competition
  • 2012Civil Engineering Grand Prize from the Korean Society of Civil Engineers
    (in the sector of construction materials)
  • 2013Excellence Published Paper Award and Technology Award, being selected
    as excellent research by the Korean Recycled Resource Institute
  • 2014Excellence Published Paper Award, being selected as excellent research by
    the Korean Recycled Resource Institute
    Award in Construction Materials at the Eco-Friendly Construction Industry
  • 2015Award in for its contribution to technology development at the Concrete
    Technology Competition KS Certification Grand Prize from the Minister of
    Trade, Industry and Energy
    Excellence Published Paper Award, being selected by the
    Korean Society of Road Engineers as an excellent research
  • 2017Award by the Minister of Environment at Eco-Friendly Construction Awards
  • 2018Grand Prize in the Eco-Friendly Construction Awards
  • 2019Award by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Concrete Day
    Grand Prize in the Eco-Friendly Construction Awards
    Award for its contribution to development in Environmental Product Declaration
    • Technology development for concrete, Ascon and cement
    • Commercialization of research results and deployment of technologies
    • Quality fluctuation control and technological support designed to boost quality
    • KS and ISO certifications, technological training projects
    • Process management for production plants
    • Rationalization of production system and system network
    • System improvement and plant environment management for increasing production
    • Production and sales of chemical admixture for concrete
    • Development and commercialization of highly-functional, highly-efficient water-reducing agents/Establishment of local support system for chemical compounds, customized for customer